15th August – Independence Day

15th August – Independence Day, a red-letter day.

1. Manner of Celebration
(i) People feel patriotic, sing patriotic songs.
(ii) The music the radio and T. V. too is patriotic music.
(iii) Prime Minister hoists the National Flag
(iv) Day reminds of the Scarifies of the people to attain freedom.

15th August is a red-letter day in the history of our nation. It was on this day in 1947 that India achieved her independence from foreign rule. The British handed over the reins of the Government to our leaders and left the shores of India forever.

Independence day is celebrated in every village, town and city with great pomp. The day starts with people singing patriotic and national songs. The radio too broadcasts such songs all day long and so too on the Television do we see skits and scenes from India’s struggle for freedom all these serve to remind us of the brave deeds of our heroes who laid their lives to help India attain her freedom. Everyone gets carried away by the spirit of the day. and we all pay homage to the noble souls who sacrificed their lives at the altar of freedom.

The day has special importance for Delhi since it is the capital of free India. At 8 A.M. the Prime Minister of India hoists the tricolour national flag at the historic Red Fort of Delhi. This is followed by a speech to the nation by the Prime-Minister. In every state capital, the chief minister hoists the flag and then gives a speech. Then the national anthem is sung and people disperse.

In schools too, the day is celebrated with great pomp The school principal hoists the national flag and the students and teachers sing the national anthem. Then they sing patriotic songs and are filled with a feeling of zeal and patriotism. The school principal gives a speech which is meant to inspire the young hearts and minds to work for the up liftmen of the nation. Sweets are distributed amongst the children also.

On this day we see flags fluttering on all Government buildings. At night too, the market places and office buildings are illuminated, Independence Day is the most important day for every Indian. On this day we should all pledge to safeguard the freedom of our nation.

All Indians should pledge to safeguard Indias Inde¬pendence.

Red-letter day — Important day,
Homage — Show respect, Hoist — to raise,

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