You are currently viewing Bengaluru Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE
Bengaluru Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE

Bengaluru Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE

Bengaluru Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE


Garden City of India

Bengaluru or Bangalore is the ‘Garden City of India’ is getting all geared up for the surfacing season. To be witness to the glitter and glamour that surrounds the spectacle. To be the social focus for the next six weeks. People fly in from Mu Chennai, Mysore, even Delhi. Owners, participants, jockeys, fans.

The great day arrives, it is the first Saturday of June and the racecourse central hub of activity, bedecked in ambience.

I am awestruck with the magnitude of what I behold a walk with my uncle the owner of a large number of horses. Some prized among the sure wins season. I am led to the enclosure and directed to the second row of seats with a view to mention the least. I glance left and right and in amazement see ladies beautiful parasols to protect them from the afternoon sun. Men in three-piece the fragrance and aroma, a blend of flowers and perfumes, fill the air. TH engulfs me and I take my seat with breathtaking anticipation.

Racebooks filter down to me and I enjoy the picture of every name beauty, Morning Star, Real Thunder, Black Rose, Watergate, Happy Cham Win, Red Alert, Royal Challenge and many, many more.

My eyes turn to the gate where all these massive animals for the first race are lined up. I count-One, two, three, and four-Ah! That’s the one I like-Number Four Magnificent’ with Jockey Sham astride.

The gun fires, the gates fly open and the ten massive creatures break free in a mad chase. The creatures are taking the race well and are tightening every muscle to make that breathtaking finish a clear win. The jockeys are almost upright taking every stride of their horse with ease and perfection…… and the first race is won by “Magnificent’. My surprise and happiness know no bounds. The experience was gripping and I was speechless. They receive a big trophy and there is also a cash prize. lam thrilled at the spectacle.

The rainy season helps in the blossoming of flowers. Though the rainy season is a flight for gardens as it quenches thirst from scorching Sun, poor rickshaw puller does face difficulty in pulling a rickshaw.

At this moment, a thought passes through my mind-throughout history; winners and losers have featured, and have experienced periods in their lives when they felt encouraged or discouraged. Times of elation and times of disappointment, but it is through constant reinforcement of the winner’s attitude that we can all become heroes.

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