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Child marriage

Child Marriage is a Social Problem. Best Essay for Class 10 ICSE

Child Marriage is a Social Problem. Essay for Class 10 ICSE

Child Marriage is a Social Problem. Essay for Class 10 ICSE Exam and CBSE Exam

Child Marriage

Essay on the social problem in India, current news in which it appeared, recently in the press and recommend possible causes. describe remedies that may be effective.

Ans. Since time immemorial, child marriage has been one of the greatest evils plaguing India. Marriage is a sacred and pious relationship between two male and female, who are ready to accept and spend their life together with each other. Child marriage is an abuse of such institution, the union of two children at a premature age and is not permitted by Indian law. the track record has always proven child marriage detrimental to our society.

Child marriage points to the marriage below the threshold age limit. Marriage is to be considered legal as per the Indian Law when the groom’s age is 21 and above and the bride’s age is 18 and above. Despite child, marriage is the main reason for the problems for both girls and boys, but it impacts most severe on the first child, she becomes vulnerable to the evil practice of the society.

The poor economic condition on the society can be blamed as the main cause behind the child marriage. Another few reasons for child marriage is illiteracy, Child marriage is treated as a way to provide security to daughters by marrying them into the safe and secured family, Example like child trafficking, etc.

It’s because of Child Marriage, the girls usually become pregnant at an early age. but their bodies are not fully developed to have kids and many times lead to premature maternal death. In many of the cases, the infant’s health doesn’t seem good. Child marriage also leads to illiteracy and poverty. Any girl child who gets married at a younger age gets denied from opportunities in education and personal development. Due to less compatibility and understanding, the relationship between the couples is hampered.

The only way to stop child marriage is by education. Literate and think tank of the society should come forward in this noble cause. Gender equality and women education are very important to stop the evil practice of child marriage. The girls become extremely dependent upon their parents because of lack of education. As such, they are not in a position to speak against the will of their parents. If a girl gets an equal opportunity to get educated, then she will be in a better position to decide, what that is best for her future.

The government should adopt hard measures to check the menace of child marriage. The issue of child marriage can be neutralised by spreading awareness about the demerits of child marriage. Only laws and administrative intervention are not sufficed to control the menace of Child Marriage and eradicating child-marriages completely.

The mentality in a rural part of the country has to be developed in favour of education and employment generation, this may help us to free the nation from the evils of child marriage. Citizens will have to actively participate in spreading awareness regarding this practice and by abiding; the existing restrictions imposed by the government. Girl child has to be given equal opportunities and the right education to safeguard themselves from such practices and rise in society.

The practice of Child marriage has to be discontinued; the notion of gender equality remains incomplete until we achieve the abolition of child Marriages. Domestic violence against women also needs to be eradicated

The above essay on Child Marriage is suitable for board exam Class 10 ICSE and CBSE EXAM.

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