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Digital India

Digital India Best Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE CBSE Exam

Digital India Best Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE CBSE Exam

Essay on Digital India

Picture Composition on Digital India

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Government of India launched a campaign by named digital India. Digital India is focussed to efficiently use internet connectivity; by improving the National Internet backbone (NIB) and hence the working environment in India.

Platforms like:

  • Digital Payments.
  • Statutory Filing.
  • Postal and Logistical service
  • Government Procurement
  • An online search of information that was difficult to access
  • General Tender
  • Video conferencing with the Government representative

Digital India program is designed to provide government services to the citizens of India, reachable at ease through online platforms. India is a technological giant; Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Gurgram are the power engines of India. The cities are the IT face of India and will be a catalyst in empowering internet in the country.

Digital India campaign is a very resourceful program that was launched on 1st of July 2015 in presence of distinguished major industrialists like Tata, Ambani, Premji and Bajaj at the Indra Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Delhi.

Digital India is projected to revolutionise the country, evoking internet revolution among the masses of the country.

Various information technology companies are involved in this program, 650 districts are covered under digital India. To digitally develop the country and make the IT hub in the country, digital India is one of the largest steps ever taken. Rs. 1, 00,000 crores are invested in various schemes under Digital India.

Digital India will eradicate manual paper documentation such as driving licence, Vehicle Blue Book and will be replaced by digital locker.

Keeping abreast of the theme various website had been launched.


  2. National scholarship portal
  3. E-health,
  4. E-education,
  5. E-sign, etc.

All the above websites are managed by the Government of India. Digital India is a thrust powered to make the country digitally rich.

The motive of this Digital India is to strengthen the technology and transparency in Government services; reducing the paperwork. It is a fruitful and interactive process saves time over paperwork and a huge amount of repeating human labour is saved.

Crunching data is now no science any more, a more accurate, highly efficient and effective data can be computed within seconds.

Digital India has touched the lives of rural people with the high-speed internet network providing a digital infrastructure, digitally logistic services and digital education are the 3 major dimensions of digital India campaign.

Digitally logistic services facilitate connected people in the system and are beneficiaries of Government plans and schemes. The new schemes that are launched immediately benefits the target beneficiaries.

It also promotes the eCommerce and online business; financial transactions are very easy and cashless transactions are now the order of the day. It helps in local is the vocal concept of our Prime minister Mr Narendra Modi.

Digital India connects one individual to the entire world through their smart mobile phone or laptop/computer, the hassle of maintaining of documents and paper are things of the past.

Auto authenticate software and system are in place, the beneficiary gets verified through the OTP password system, thanks to Google Firebase platform, the internet is now at all level like school, colleges, offices, it is everywhere. Digital India will achieve the desired target by 2019.

The villagers now don’t need to travel city and towns for petty paper works; this helps in reducing air pollution, traffic congestion. The time is now usefully invested in the creative job; moreover, Digital India has inaugurated new era software engineers and analyst in India.

There is a Paradigm shift in Government policies and departments. Like IT, EDUCATION, AGRICULTURE etc. Provident Fund Department is the latest beneficiary of Digital India.
Digital India brings a bright and more knowledge equipped future of the country.

The medical services and education got more desirable, Now the patient is getting medical consultancy pan India, get on registration, an appointment with the doctor, payment of the te diagnostic tests online, blood checkups etc Digitally signing the documents online is also provided by services.

Digital India initiative taken by Prime Minister Modi, makes easy the life of BPL cardholders, during corona COVID-19 pandemic breakout, Relief money DBT got directly transferred into beneficiary Account. Digital India is providing IT jobs and making citizens closer together along with Government at hands length.


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Nine Pillars of Digital India

  1. Broadband Highways
  2. Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity
  3. Public Internet Access Programme
  4. e-Governance: Reforming Government through Technology
  5. e-Kranti – Electronic Delivery of Services
  6. Information for All
  7. Electronics Manufacturing
  8. IT for Jobs
  9. Early Harvest Programmes

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