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Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction Drug Abuse 3 Best Sample Essay for class 10

Drug Addiction


Essay on the Drug Addiction problem

Drug abuse is the greatest problem of the 20th century and things are getting worse as we approach the 21st century. The problem concerns not only the delinquent youth but the entire population in the West, including the top executive personnel, earning millions of dollars a year in the multinationals. In fact, drug addiction has become symptomatic of our technological civilization and the affluent technocrats are themselves the greatest victims.

Drug Addiction is done through two types of drugs-synthetic drugs and narcotics. The sale of ‘narcotics’, is prohibited by the Government, except for medical purposes. These are most turbulent, which no doubt gives momentary enjoyment but cat away slowly the most delicate parts of one’s body.

Taking such drugs has a destructive effect on the human body, which in some cases kills the addict instantaneously. This has become an international menace and requires to be dealt with on a war footing. The drugs are usually smuggled into the country through the border areas from Pakistan and Nepal.

Drug addiction is widespread among teenagers who are the edifices of the nation’s future pillars. It takes deep root in spoiling the atmosphere of a growing population, affecting the discipline of the developing society and the nation’s progress. To root out this abuse, not only the drug peddlers but also the main racketeers must be punished.

These racketeers at first distribute the drugs to the teenagers free of cost or through cheap media like ice-cream, roadside stalls, etc. As soon as an individual becomes an addict to these drugs, he goes to the extent of even murdering a person to get money for buying these drugs, which command prohibitive prices in the black market.

To eradicate this menace, Anti-Narcotic Squad (ANS) and International Drugs Enforcement Agency (IDEA) have been formed. Some of the narcotic drugs, which need special mention, are LSD, Ganja, Brown Sugar, Crude Molasses, and Cocaine etc. The most simple and easy drug is “CRACK” and Glycodin which can be very easily prepared.

The ingredients are soda bicarbonate, plain water and ice. With every puff of smack, one inhales a deadly combination of poisonous chemicals like carbon monoxide, nicotine, hydrogen, nitrogen oxide, arsenic, tar, etc.

When an individual takes in the drugs through hypodermic needles or through nostrils, it causes hardening of arteries, heart attack, high blood pressure and cancer. Obviously, a combination of various diseases springs up, resulting in acute paralysis and finally leads to the death of the person.

The people who begin using drugs are basically poorly treated people some of them are unemployed and frustrated while others have some other social or family problems. The government is duty-bound to make a thorough study of various pros and cons of the problem.

Drugs should be controlled in a stricter manner and should not be allowed to sell in the open market, it should be banned. The problem of unemployment should be tackled on a priority basis. Guidance and counselling bureau, manned by experts, should be opened in all universities in order to give advice and guidance to the frustrated youth of the country.

Various social and voluntary organisations should take steps to provide social security and a respectable living for all such people who feel socially insecure. Orphans, widows and broken homes should be looked after properly. The Government should use its entire advertising media to educate the people about the harmful effects of intoxicating drugs.

Special treatment and medical aid should be made easily available to wean the addicts away from this malady. Moral education should be introduced in schools and colleges. Pornographic literature should be banned. Hippies and foreign visitors who encourage the use of drugs and smuggle these drugs into the country should be put behind the bars.

Each of this way will be saving the country from this abuse and problem of drug addiction. In India, the disease is still in its infancy. It would be proper to nip the evil in the bud. In case it is not done, the disease may take the form of an epidemic and strike a death blow to the great cultural traditions of this country. Drug addiction is big problem. We must see the writing on the wall and act before it is too late.

drug abuse
Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse | Sample 2

Drug abuse is among the big problem in India. Once it was a problem confined to only developed countries. Now it has spread to developing countries as in India.

An irresistible glamour for a few harmful things can be termed as addiction and the materials which cause insobriety in man are called drugs. Common drugs abuse that are readily available pethidine, opium, heroin, marijuana, cocaine, bhang and more. Drug addiction like a coronavirus is spreading in India.

The number of addicts getting added exponential and rapidly. Of course, there are many reasons for the rapid increase in the number of drug addicts. The western culture has been playing a great influence on some young people. They are being misled by this influence. They are addicted out of fashion.

They take drugs to find soothe and the sedate effects of drugs. Acute unemployment problem, abject poverty, political instability, lack of social security are the causes of drug addiction. Most participants of the young generation get frustrated and they resort to drug abuse, seek peace in drugs.

Some anti-social citizens are involved in trading of drugs. They make drugs supply available to a youngster who out of anxiety try them often but very soon they get trapped into the dangerous habit of drug-taking. Hence a huge number of both male and female including youngster have become addicted to different kinds of drug abusive.

The situation is not improving but it is going from bad to worse day by day.

Drugs are very costly items of trade. This is carried by There are powerful circles of the drug traders who arrange drug trafficking, smuggling and supply chain of drug all over the world.
In organising smuggling worldwide, they have selected some routes and junctions as comparatively easy access and convenient for their purpose.

According to specialists, there are three routes namely golden triangle, the golden crescent and the olden ways. The frontiers between Burma, Laos and Thailand are marked as the golden triangle.

The frontiers between Afganistan, Iran and Pakistan are known as the golden crescent and the regions between India and Nepal are known as golden ways. Drugs have a very adverse effect on the human body. It carries the addict to an unreal world of dreams. The addict feels drowsy, loses appetite, and feels like vomiting.

Drugs destroy and damage the brain, drug abuse impair all internal organs and function of the body that finally lead to death.

Serious drive against a drug should be taken. Social awareness should be created. Centres for medical treatment of the drug addicts should also be set up. A major campaign throughout the nation would be made to make people literate of the negative effects of drug abuse.


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