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Essay On A Rainy Day

Essay on A Rainy Day. 500 words essay on a Rainy Day.

Essay on A Rainy Day

500 words essay on a rainy day

Rainy Day Ideas:

  1. Intro;
  2. A rainy day in India;
  3. Particulars of the rainy day;
  4. Its effects on ruler and village life;
  5. Its effects on urban and city life;
  6. A rainy day to the scholar and students;
  7. A rainy day to the travellers- passers-by- daily wage earner;
  8. Advantages;
  9. Conclusion

Intro of a Rainy Day

Any day is known as a rainy day when it rains the whole day long. It is boring gloomy and dull.’ The sky is overshadowed with dark clouds on a rainy day and the solar rays are not seen for many days in consequence. It becomes impossible to go outdoors.

A rainy day in India:

There is heavy rain in the season of the monsoon in India. So in the rainy season, India has many a rainy day, numerous rainy day in India.

Details of the Rainy Day:

The weather is bad on a rainy day. When the rains start, they keep raining and continue all day long. Sometimes it drizzles like a race of cats and dogs and sometimes it vanishes. There is water and water here and there, everywhere. The footpaths become slippery and muddy.

Effects of a Rainy Day on daily life

Rainy Day has a huge effect on regular remote life and village life: It is mostly a bane to the poor dwellers in village areas. They can not go outdoors for their daily wage and works. Their cooking oven does not ignite. Their wearables and clothes do not dry. No food is accessible to villagers. Some farmers, peasants and daily workers have to work in fields during the rainy day, of course in the rain.

Its effects urban and city life also: In cities and townspeople go outdoor by metro, rickshaws cars or bike. The slum-dwellers have to suffer a lot. Water penetrates and pours into their weak buildings many times they do get swayed away in rains. Daily wage earners can not go outdoor to earn their daily wages and are forced to starve.

Footpath, Roads and outdoors way gets submerged underwater, garbage and junk spread around the whole area. Bad smell stinks almost everywhere.

A rainy day to the scholars and students: To the scholars and students a rainy day is liked. They enjoy the holiday on a rainy day. Though it is fruitless

A Rainy day to the travellers and passers-by: The travellers travel the muddy road with the risk of getting injured on a rainy day.

Benefits of a rainy day: A rainy day is also useful and people welcome it. It cleans pollution and purifies the air and washes away dust. The rains help the peasant and farmers of India, it irrigates the crop fields ready for the rice to sowed, cultivation is possible in India because of rain. Think tank with poetic fire become more vocal and emotional to compose songs and poems.

Conclusion: A rainy day has both benefits and disadvantage. It is a day of pleasure and leisure. Many of us like the day but some may not.

Essay on A Rainy Day

700 words essay on a rainy day

Points to Remember when writing an essay


Plan to visit the International Trade Fair, but it begins to rain.


  1. Rain stops and we set out.
  2. Get into the Bus.
  3. Starts raining again – Get wet on the bus.
  4. Get down – Buy tickets
  5. Have tea.
  6. Visit the Orissa Emporium.
  7. Tea again.
  8. Go back.


The words of this rhyme – little Johnny wants to play, echoed in my mind as I waited for the rain to stop. It had started raining early in the morning and it had now diminished to a mild drizzle. My friend and I had planned to go to the International Trade Fair. She had already braved the rain to come to my house. The metrological department was forecasting it for few days.

The rain soon stopped, the sun peeped through the clouds and the water drops glistened in the mild sunshine. We both let out a whoop of joy and started out.

We reached the bus-stop and waited for the bus to come. Suddenly the sun hid behind a cloud and we glanced with dismay at each other. Just then our bus stopped and we quickly got in without a second thought. The rain once more began to pour and the passengers quickly shut the windows. A number of window panes were broken and a shower of water flew in and drenched those sitting or standing there.

The roof of the bus above my head began to drip and I moved further; ahead to escape it. There the water was flying in through the broken window pane, so I pushed my way through the crowd to a safer place. I managed to get a place with no water leaking in but to my utter dismay I was sandwiched between two ladies whose sarees were totally drenched. There was no place to move further and I somehow endured the discomfort till the bus stopped at the Pragati Maidan stop. Fortunately, the rain had stopped and we jumped out and made our way to buy the tickets.

At the ticket counter, there was a short queue and we patiently stood at the end of it. All around there were little muddy puddles of water. We bought our tickets and entered the gates. Just then once again it began to rain and we wished we had remembered to bring our umbrellas. We ran towards the very first emporium we saw and entered hurriedly without even trying to read the banner to see what was inside. It turned out to be an exhibition of some kind of machinery – something we were least interested in.

However, we had to remain there to escape the rain. We wished we had got into one of the state emporia at least we would have had something to look around and, perhaps, buy. We had to wait for almost an hour before the rain fizzled out. We walked out with polythene bags (which we got from the sales boy) which we tore to hold over our heads.

We were feeling cold and damp and so we decided to have a cup of tea before proceeding further. We reached a nearby stall and had a steaming cup of tea and felt quite refreshed. Once again the rain began to fall heavily and we had to remain in the tea-stall. We sat on stools and kept looking at the rain, which had now started falling in sheets. As soon as it diminished we once again quickly moved towards the Himachal Pradesh emporium. We looked at everything there was to see and bought a couple of scarves. We made our way out apprehensively lest it was still raining.

Our fears turned out to be true for it was indeed raining. Anyway, we walked through the rain and entered the Darjeeling Emporium. Again, we saw the arts and crafts, the silks and cotton galore and felt that our visit was not entirely a waste. Once more we came out of the emporium to find it raining. I was feeling cold because my clothes were wet and my friend had a running nose.

We decided to have another cup of tea. Once again we made our way through the drizzle to the tea-stall and had a cake slice and tea. I looked at my watch and was horrified to find that it was already 4 O’ clock. We had promised our parents that we would be back at that time. We quickly decided to return home quite disappointed that we had hardly seen anything of the exhibition.

We walked swiftly through the puddles of water to the bus-stop. Fortunately, there was a bus ready to leave. Even though it was full we decided to take it.

We got down at our destination feeling quite dejected, tired and unhappy, that the rain had spoilt a day we had been looking forward to for a long time.


Feel unhappy that the rain had spoilt our trip.


Diminished – to reduce,

Passenger – person travelling in a public or private vehicle,

Panes – a single sheet of glass used for a window

Patiently – the ability to wait calmly

Apprehensively – full of fear or anxiety,

Sandwiched – to place something between two objects,

Fizzled – slowly.

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