You are currently viewing Essay on My Best Friend. Get Best Marks in Class 10 ICSE Exam 800 words
Essay on My Best Friend

Essay on My Best Friend. Get Best Marks in Class 10 ICSE Exam 800 words

Essay on My Best Friend.

Get Best Marks Class 10 ICSE Exam 800 words

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Main Point to consider while composing an essay

Essay on My Best Friend

  • Disciplined and straight- forward.
  • Smart and intelligent.
  • Respectful and obedient.
  • A good student and a good sportsman.

Manoj Agarwal is my best friend in the class. He respects the teachers and his seniors and gives kind affection to his juniors. He is the best dressed and well-mannered boy. He gives respect and in return commands respect from others. He talks less but has the patience to hear others. Whenever he talks, he convinces others.

He is a boy of few words. He is sympathetic and helpful to everybody. He is a good student and sportsman. Whenever there is no class he sits in the library and tries to go through all the new magazines and newspapers.

When he finds nothing new, he picks up some book of his choice, reads and makes a note. In the afternoon he is always in the field either playing cricket, badminton or volleyball. He is equally dedicated to his games and his studies. It is always a pleasure to watch and observe him when he is playing or attending classes in sober dresses. He is never to be seen wasting his time out of class, library or field.

The most amazing thing about him is that all the teachers and girls have very special consideration for him. Naturally, I admire him most. I am curious to know the secrets of his universal appeal. On top of that, I am very keen to know about his name Manoj Agarwal. I do not understand how Manoj Agarwal could be Agarwal or Agarwal could be Manoj.

I was thinking as to how I could make friends with him but being a junior I was a little hesitant. Since he spoke English fluently without any hesitation, I approached him one day on his way back home.

I told him frankly that although I was supposed to be the topper of my class, I felt shy and hesitant in talking in English. I said that I wanted to meet him regularly and speak in English only so that I could improve it. He very gladly agreed with a smile wondering how I could find him better in English.

He blushed a little and said that he was just like me or any other student therefore I should not consider him better in any manner. Since then we started meeting every day. I always talked to him in English and after some time I realised that there was nothing wrong in my English. He always talked to me with a smile and that gave me confidence. I started talking in English freely to others also.

Gradually Manoj and I became friends, and I came to know everything about him. His father is a state government official and gets transferred to different places every three years or so. When Manoj was born, they had a Christian neighbour. They were very friendly. Manoj’s mother was taken ill and was in bed for about six months. The neighbours nursed his mother and kept Manoj away in their own house.

They fed Manoj with a feeding bottle, cleaned and dressed him for six months. They called him Manoj out of love and affection and so his own parents called him also by that name. At the time of his admission in the school, his parents retained his name as a gift of his good neighbour and he became Manoj Agarwal. He narrated his name’s story very happily.

I also came to know that the best-dressed boy of the school had only two summer dresses, one winter dress, one black shoe, one sports shoe and two pair of socks. He washed and ironed his clothes, polished his shoes and went to the barber every fortnight. He is a member of public libraries where he reads general books.

I am always welcomed to his home even by his parents. His parents are very simple and affectionate. Manoj is very devoted to his parents and looks after his father’s guests respectfully. His mother is very good at cooking and she always makes me eat before I leave their house. During vacations

Whenever our hostel mess is closed, I am not allowed to eat outside. I visit them regularly as a member of the family. Whenever I miss my own parents I go there and get everything I could get to my village home.

Conclusion of the Essay on My Best Friend:

A good example to others.

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