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essay on my country

Essay on My Country 700 words Best Marks Scoring in Class 10 ICSE

Essay on My Country

    700 words Essay

    Best Marks Scoring in Class 10 ICSE

Main Points to Remember while composing Descriptive Essay on My Country


India – a land of great diversity in physical features and the people inhabiting the country.

Main Focus Points to expand:

1. India’s rich heritage discussed.

  1. Science
  2. Architecture
  3. Literature
  4. Cinema

2. Many problems facing India.

  1. Poverty
  2. Over-population
  3. Unemployment
  4. Pollution
  5. Communalism

India is a land of great diversity in its physical features, people, languages and cultures. We have the snowy peaks of the Himalayas in the North, the evergreen luscious forests and fertile plains in the North and the South, rivers and valleys and it is surrounded on three sides by the mighty oceans. We have 26 states and many more communities living in these states speaking different languages with different dialects for each language.

India has a rich heritage in science, architecture and literature. In science, we were far ahead of other nations even in ancient times, and the modern age has seen great development in medicine, science and technology. We produce practically everything under the sun and export industrial goods, medicines, leather goods and so on. Our scientists Aryabhatta, Bhaskar Reddy, C.V. Raman and others are renowned all over the world.

In architecture, we have beautiful buildings, temples, mosques and tombs. The Taj Mahal is known as the 8th wonder of the world. Then there is Fatehpur Sikri, Lai Quila, Agra Fort, Charminar and so on. The intricate sculptures in the South of India and the delicately carved murals of the Ajanta and Ellora Caves evoke wonder and admiration. Our skill in architecture is not confined to ancient architecture alone. Modern India can boast of the best of multi-storeyed buildings, bridges, roads and so on.

In the world of literature, arts and letters, we have renowned personalities such as R.K. Narayan, Naipaul, Mulk Raj Anand besides a host of others. We are one of the world’s largest film-makers and our films are appreciated worldwide. Our musicians and dancers are invited to give performances all over the world.

However, with all these assets to be proud of, we also have a lot of problems. There are widespread poverty and illiteracy and there is a wide gap between the rich and the poor. There are those who cannot afford two square meals a day, and there are those who live in five-star luxuries even in their homes. Again, there is the problem of over-population. Although tremendous efforts are being made by the government and social organizations to educate the people in this direction, yet it is not a simple task to check.

Unemployment is yet another major problem which further increases the gap between the haves and the have- knots. There is a regular influx of people from rural areas to the cities in the hope of getting jobs. As a result, there is overcrowding in the cities and slum colonies form within a short period.

Pollution is yet another problem that we are faced with because of the increasing urbanization, expanding population and over-crowding. Apart from the factories that spew black smoke, there are motor vehicles on the road emitting poisonous gases which make life in the city a veritable hell.

There are problems created by men like communal tensions resulting in riots which harm everybody around. Terrorism in Punjab, militant activity in Kashmir, unrest in Assam and religious tensions have created a rift between man and man. These are the problems created by the selfish nature of man, and it is only if the saner part of man dominates that these problems can be solved.

Thus, to conclude, I would say that India is a great country which is advancing in all spheres of development and at the same time going through a period of stress and strain in the social and political arena. However, I am confident that the lessons of Ashoka, Gandhi, Nehru and Mother Teresa will not be wasted and the time will come when we shall have solved our problems and live amicably together in peace and harmony.


India is making rapid strides in every shape of development. Hope that a time will come when all problems will also be solved.


luscious – growing thickly,
renowned – famous,
Intricate – complicated,
mural – painting,
Evoke – produce,
asset – things of value,
tremendous – enormous,
influx – sudden arrival of large numbers,
pollute – to make dirty or impure, spew – emit,
veritable – true,
saner – sensible.

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