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My Hobby gardening

Essay on My Hobby Best Gardening Essay in 700 words

Essay on My Hobby

1. My Hobby

Points to Remember for Essay on My Hobby

Introduction: Cultivating a hobby- one of the best ways of spending one’s leisure hours.

Essay on My hobby is gardening.

Body of Essay on My hobby is gardening

1. Reasons for taking up gardening.

(i) Fond of gardening.
(ii) Uplifts my spirits – feel joy and peace.
(Hi) Forget my problems.
(iv) Nature serves as a companion. I talk to the plants and sing to them.

2. The work I do in the garden.

(i) Have planted ‘Motia, Raat ki Rani’ and seasonal plants.
(ii) Clear the weeds and dead leaves.
(iii) Sow seeds or saplings, spread fertilizer.
(iv) Water the garden.
(v) Grow some vegetables.

Grooming a hobby is one of the only ways of one’s rich hours. The mind is busy in some productive occupation. One is sure to learn something new and interesting. At the same time, it all adds to one’s mental growth. There are many hobbies one can take up such as reading, music, stamp collecting, watching Horse Race on TV, painting, gardening and so on. I am very fond of gardening and I spend all my leisure hours in the small little garden we have in front of our/my house.

I love being in the garden and look forward to work in the garden after I have finished with my daily routine of study.

Breathing the pure scented air (Essay on Air Pollution) is achieved by remaining in contact with the greenery of plant and leaves, listening to the twittering of the birds who frequent my little patch of green uplifts my whole spirit. I feel indescribable joy and am at peace with myself and the rest of mankind.

All the little sorrows of the day, the bickering I might have had with my friends in school, the remonstrance of my teachers or parents are all forgotten as I watch the tiny beautiful plants and flowers which had been cherished with my own hands. I talk to my plants and sing to them.

I tell them how I spent the day in school and all about my friends and teachers. The plants planted by me, seem to agree with their swayed heads in agreement when the wind blows, as I talk to them about my pleasures and grief moments.

My garden keeps me quite ‘busy. I have planted rose bushes, ‘Motia’ and ‘Raat ki Raani’ bushes and they give out a soft sweet scent, especially in the evening. Then there are the seasonal plants which have to be planted. I dig out withered plant and add new ones according to the season. I get the saplings from a plant nursery which is near my house.

Sometimes I bring the seeds and sow them. It is such a joy to see the saplings appear and I feel an immense sense of satisfaction as they grow and blossom.

I water my plants every morning and spread fertilizer from time to time. I water my plants during the summer. twice a day- early in the morning and after sunset. In rainy days I don’t need to water my garden  I spend a lot of time cleaning my garden every day.

I often replace the plants and the ground of the yellow withered leaves with the pull out the weeds which shoot up in between the plants and on the grass. I lightly dig in between the plants to keep the earth soft so that the roots may spread and the plants flourish.

I do have a small block, here I grow cauliflower and spinach and ‘Tori’ in winter. The tori peeps and clings on the fencing support as brightens it up with its golden flowers and green vegetables.

Again, it is such a pleasure not only to watch these growing and bearing flower Sind fruit but also very satisfying to pluck the vegetables and give them to my mother to cook. The vegetables plucked from my garden taste far sweeter and seem to be far more nutritious than the one’s we buy from the market. Sometimes I share my vegetables which are Organic in Nature with My Neighbours.

Conclusion of the Essay on My Hobby:

Conclusion: Thus, my hobby fills me with joy and happiness. My hobby keeps me busy and I pass my time in the most fruitful manner. At the same time, it uplifts my mind and spirit and fills me with supreme happiness.


Vocabulary used in Essay on My Hobby

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