Essay For Class 10 ICSE Examination Best Sample.

Essay For Class 10

What is an essay?

Essays is most further writing and higher education courses will require you to write essays. Indeed if you assume such essays are likely to be the most significant individual piece of work you will have attempted in your education to date.

Essays are significant in:

• their length – an essay is unlikely to have fewer than 400 words and may have as many as 800.; both ICSE and CBSE exam allow of up to 800 words;
• the time required to complete them;
• the outcome – the grade you receive is likely to contribute to the final outcome of your course;
• Lastly, required proper application.

Essays are not, therefore, something that you will be able to do well without consider able planning and preparation.

As essay is a piece of writing that attempts to explore in detail a particular subject. It is not the only form of writing that does this. We could consider that newspaper and magazine articles, and guidebooks, for example, also have the same purpose. Anyway, 3 things certain that essay vary in many writing forms:

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