You are currently viewing Good luck is the child of diligence. Essay for Class 10 ICSE.
Good luck

Good luck is the child of diligence. Essay for Class 10 ICSE.

Good luck is the child of diligence. Essay for Class 10 ICSE.

Good luck is the child of diligence. State your views.


Success is not the result of a single lucky strike but is instead the cumulative result of a lot of hard work. Success happens over time and only after a series of correct decisions and small victories. A book of luck, in contrast, is normally perceived to be a  single moment event. All the great heights reached by human beings are merely thanks to their firm belief in their abilities, inquisitiveness, curiosity, constant effort and perseverance. In fact, life is action, not contemplation. Man’s worth is only determined by his actions. Mere brooding, lofty words and hollow promises won’t serve the purpose. Blaming ill-luck or bad luck for one’s own shortcomings and personal misfortunes resulting in failure is indeed baseless and unjustified.

Blaming our luck or fate and destiny is an easy shortcut and a way of face-saving or lame excuses. Luck in itself is not the whole factor that makes or marks our life. Furthermore, we design and shape our own fate. Hard work only determines our success. It is a universal truth. There is no other secret of success. The proverbs like “No pains, no gains”, No sweat, no sweet.”, “Work and thou shalt have”, “It is better to bear out than rust out,” “God helps those who want to get help by helping self” describes numerous and importance of hard work and embody the hoarded experience of many generations, as the best means of thriving in this world.

It is worth mentioning that the more we work hard, the more luck we have. With hard work, one can turn luck in his favour, again and again. The harmonious blend of both will always bring astonishing results for us in the long run. In the Holy Quran, it is mentioned, Person gets what he longs for.

An interesting anecdote goes, “One day, a scholar, hearing that God had promised sustenance, went to the jungle and sat under a tree. He wanted to see how sustenance from God would come to him without hard work. He sat there for two days with no sign of anyone coming to him. He felt the pangs of hunger to a great extent. On the third day, he found a person having a big plate in his hand and looking for something.

The knowledged person begins coughing just to draw his attention towards him. The person came to him and gave him food.  scholar reached the conclusion, “Sustenance from God does come but you have to cough for it”.

To conclude, diligent, hardworking, dedicated, sincere, committed and devoted people are bound to succeed sooner or later. What we need to inculcate in our minds is that hard work is the name of the game. It never goes in vain. It increases one’s luck as well.

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