You are currently viewing Kargil Victory Essay in English for School Students and Children
Kargil Victory Essay in English for School Students and Children

Kargil Victory Essay in English for School Students and Children

Kargil Victory Essay in English for School Students and Children

Kargil Victory

In the recent past, Kargil was a burning topic. It exposed the intentions of a troublesome, warmongering neighbour, always up to some mischief. On one hand, the Pakistani Premier Nawaz Sharif was embracing our Prime Minister Shri Vajpayee at Lahore to preach peace, on the other hand, he was backstabbing our country by sending his forces to occupy our territory at Kargil. Its intentions were to split the Ladakh region from the rest of the J&K.

They had made grand plans to cut off the supply lines the Kashmir Valley but choking Zojilla Pass (the Valley’s gateway to Ladakh). It began to send its troops and mujahideen (freedom-fighters) and mercenaries to occupy the bunkers vacated by Indian troops during severe winter.

They crept over 3500 metre high passes along the LOC to occupy the high ridges held in summer by the Indian Army.

But our army woke up, no doubt a bit late and inflicted a crushing defeat to the Pakistani militants and army. The Indian Army was told not to cross the L.O.C. and it was a limitation, yet accurate shelling of Pakistani bunkers by our Air Force helped the army in pushing back the enemy across the L.O.C. Never before was such a war fought on sub-zero temperatures. It was really a tough war where the army faced an enemy stationed well above us, treating us like guinea pigs.

But we have not only won the war but also gained a diplomatic advantage. The war proved to the U.S.A. and the rest of the world the sinister designs of our neighbour Pakistan. That Pakistan was actively promoting Islamic terrorism has been amply proved when Pakistani trained mujahideen confessed to the Pakistani involvement in the war.

By this war, Pakistan stands isolated globally as a rogue state which sponsors Islamic terrorism. It was also made us alive to the situation and to some grim facts. We can no longer trust our neighbour, whose intentions are always suspected. We have to update our arms and ammunitions and also induct nuclear weapons for meeting any eventuality.

Thousands of our soldiers would have not died if our communication and warfare system was up to the mark. Our policy-makers are also to be blamed for the Kargil war; when intelligence reports were given to them about the suspicious movements at Kargil, they just sat there without any contingency plans for striking.

They woke up only when our soldiers were being butchered by the militants (who were actually Pakistani Army regulars in disguise). But the nation woke up and set forth to meet the crisis. Relief from all parts of India started powering in to push up the morale of the Indian Soldiers.

No doubt we lost thousands of soldiers, but we proved to the world that India cannot be taken for granted. Our army proved its mettle and its determination to flush out the militants. It is said that every crisis has a lesson or two to a nation. The Kargil war has also some lessons for the country.

  1. Firstly that the country cannot afford to leave its border ports however harsh be the weather or however barren the land is.
  2. Secondly, we have to learn high altitude warfare and how to stay for long periods in such areas.
  3. Thirdly we have to be constantly wary of our enemies’ moves and countermoves.
  4. Fourthly we have to snuff out Islamic terrorism lest it proves to be a nuisance to our country in later years.
  5. Fifthly our politicians should upgrade our armed forces and its weaponry. The politicians should not be caught napping at moments of crisis.

Every inch of our land is sacred to us. Let no enemy ever dare to snatch it from us by his sinister designs.

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