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Lake Best Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE

Lake Best Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE



That day I went to spend my weekend at the lake near my house. The lake is one of the most preferred picnic spots for the people living in the nearby vicinity. I and my friends visited the lake regularly, so we packed our food and drinks and headed towards the spot.

That was a sunny winter day so we were quite happy that now we can spend our day in the bright sunlight. But our enjoyment was short-lived. On reaching there, as we were about to set up our seating place we heard some school kids screaming.

The noise was so loud that we couldn’t stop ourselves and moved towards the direction of the screams. To our surprise we saw 4 school kids, all between 10-14 years of age sitting on an elephant along with the master of the ant and a helper.

That was not the usual scene of an elephant ride because they all were crossing the lake with all these 6 people sitting on it. The lake was deep the water was quite cold that day so the animal was slightly uncomfortable crossing the lake. The elephant was losing its balance and this was the reason that kids were screaming.

Everybody present there were only looking at the helpless kids as even the elephant’s master was unable to control the balance of his animal. Although the kids were holding each other still they seemed quite afraid.

Suddenly, the elephant lost its balance and to everyone’s surprise, all its passengers fell in the water. I and my friends could not restrain ourselves and jump into the lake for their rescue. We all were good at swimming hence did not find it difficult to save the kids.

The elephant’s master and his helper were both good swimmers so they helped themselves. By God’s grace, we succeeded in our rescue mission. All kids came out of the water safely. On asking, the animal’s master he told that the kids insisted for a ride on the elephant and that too in the flowing lake.

Although for the elephant it was a normal routine to walk in the lake water, with the water being so cold it couldn’t go well with it. However, everything became normal quite soon. Even the parents of the kids came to the lake and took them home all safe and sound.

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