My Ambition in Life. Best Descriptive Essay of 500 Words.

My Ambition in Life. Best Descriptive Essay of 500 Words.

Essay on My Ambition in Life


  1. My Ambition in Life
  1. Points to Remember

Introduction: Everyone has different ambitions of what he would like to become.

My ambition is to become a lecturer in a college.


  1. Why I want to be a teacher.
  1. Love of teaching
  2. Love being with people
  3. Would always be learning and increasing my knowledge
  4. Would be moulding young minds
  5. Preparation to achieve my ambition
  6. By studying hard now, and later in graduate and post-graduate courses.
  7. Teaching those who want my help.
  8. Keeping abreast of all knowledge.

Everyone has an ambition in life as to what he wants to become. Even as a child grows he imagines himself in various roles that excite him an engine driver, a zoo-keeper, an acrobat in a circus and so on. Later, by virtue of his education, he visualizes himself in more professional roles such as a doctor, an engineer, a scientist, chartered accountant and so on.

I too am ambitious, and I have my dreams of what I would like to become. As a school going student in the twelfth standard, with science as my main subjects, I have a number of avenues open. I can compete for engineering, medical studies, the foreign and civil services, banks and so on. However, I have set my mind on being a teacher in a college.

The important question that people ask me is, why I want to be a teacher. I have a number of reasons for desiring to be so.

First, even at this stage, I love teaching. I not only help my younger brother and sister with their studies, but even the neighbourhood children come over to take my help with their difficulties in various subjects.

Again, I also love being with people, talking to them and exchanging ideas and opinions. The teaching profession would enable me to be in touch with youngsters and new ideas and opinions. This, I hope, would help me to remain flexible in my own opinions and not rigidly hold on to views which might at that time have become outdated.

Yet again, as a college teacher, I would also be engaged in research and therefore always be involved in the process of learning – both the old and the new and forming my own conclusions. This is one aspect of my profession that particularly excites me. I would thus always be growing and not stagnate in my knowledge and profession.

Last, but not the least important is the fact that I would be moulding young minds in their ideas and opinions, not only in the subject concerned but also in their moral values. For a teacher, I believe, whatever the subject he teaches, serves as an example which students consciously or unconsciously follow. A good teacher does not teach his subject in isolation but relates it to life around him and thus sets values and standards.

The ambition I have in mind makes me feel very responsible and I am already preparing for it in various ways. I am studying hard, and I hope to do well in my studies. I am also teaching all those who seek my help. I try to keep abreast of all knowledge by reading the daily newspaper and books and magazines.

Thus, in conclusion, I would say that my ambition is a noble one and I believe I have the determination to accomplish the task I have set myself.


I shall achieve my ambition because I am determined to do so.


Avenues – choices,

Outdated – no longer in general use,

Rigid – inflexible, unwilling to change,

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