Our School Brief Short Paragraph Essay. 3 Best Sample Essay Under 300-500 Words.
Brief Paragraph on Our School

Our School Brief Short Paragraph Essay. 3 Best Sample Essay Under 300-500 Words.

Brief Paragraph on Our School

1. Our School


  1. What’s the title of your school?
  2. The place is located?
  3. What’s its dimension?
  4. What’s the number of teachers and students?
  5. How do the teachers behave with the students?
  6. What are the outcomes of the examinations?
  7. How do you feel about your school?

Solution: Our school goes by the title of Don Bosco School, Siliguri. It is likely one of the most sought after school in Siliguri within the vicinity of Siliguri. Our faculty is a two-storied construction. It’s 500 feet lengthy and 20 feet broad. It has a six fief broad verandah. There are 60 rooms.

There is 60 room in our school. They’re headmaster’s room, an instructor’s common room, a workplace room, a students’ common room, a prayer room, a well-furnished library room, and a well-equipped science laboratory. The other rooms are used for lessons.

There are about 1800 students and 90 lecturers in our school. All of the lecturers are good and qualified. We now have a giant field in the entrance of our school. The outcomes of the result of our school have been satisfactory. We conduct annual drama and annual sports activities yearly. We’re very happy with our school.

2. Our School

The name of my school is Don Bosco School. It’s at 2nd Mile Sevoke Road, Siliguri within the Jalpaiguri district. A priest named Rev. Father Paul Taverna founded it in 1970. The school is in an appropriate place. Our school has both three-storied and two-storied construction.

There are thirty-five spacious lecture rooms, one prayer room, one trainer’s room, a library, and a giant workplace room.

The Principal has a separate room to sit in. There’s a workplace room close to to the headmaster’s room. Two clerks sit there and maintain the information about the school.

There are twenty-one lecturers and additionally science laboratories, library room. There’s a wealthy collection of books within the library. There are about Five Thousand students in our school.

Girls and boys from the close by village can come to the school easily. There’s a well-furnished computer room. Our lecturers are very friendly, supportive, and kind to us. They’re well qualified.

We respect them a lot. Our school begins at 10:30 a.m. and breaks up at 4:15 p.m. there’s a massive playground at the entrance of the school. We play soccer, cricket and volleyball hear.

The results of the school within the S.S.C and junior scholarship are satisfactory. I really feel proud of my faculty.

3. Our School

Ques: Write a paragraph on ‘Your Faculty’, your paragraph should describe the identity, place, and the year of establishment, the number of students and lecturers, and the results of the school.

Solution: The name of our school is Don Bosco School, Siliguri. It is without a doubt one of the most reputed schools within the district. It was established in 1972. It’s a three-storied building. There are fifty school rooms, a library room, a teacher’s room, and the principal’s room.

There are 4000 students and sixty-five lecturers in our faculty. Our lecturers are well qualified. They educate us properly. They act as our guides. The results of our faculty are satisfactory.

4. Our School


my school life

School life is one of the most important periods in the life of a man. In this age, we learn the basic principles of behaviour, speech, manners and etiquettes. School life, in fact, is an age of training and learning in all respect of grooming of a man.

One gets an education for upkeeping physical fitness, increasing one’s computing powers learning the proper mode of behaviour and understanding the basic concepts of life. School Days is a period for the building of character, mind, body and soul on moral lines.

My school life is really an ideal one. It is ideal in the sense that this is a period of the training of our minds. The impressions, which one gets during school life, remain throughout life even if they are good, bad or indifferent. Our school life develops good habits as well as right and rational thinking in us.

It makes me duty-bound and obedient. Respect for elders and teachers is my abiding faith. I obey all my school teachers and parents and this is also one of the good habits that were developed by me during school life.

During school days, I developed an interest in playing games, staging dramas, debating and other extra-curricular activities.

I am a good debater and speaker, athlete and sportsman and at the same time, I hold positions in the class in academic terms also. My teachers support and encourage me very much and help me in every way. I am in the good books of all the teachers as well as of the Headmaster because I have won many medals, cups, trophies, shields and certificates for my outperformance in examinations, athletics, debates and theatre.

Wordsworth has said, “As a twig is bent, so the tree will grow.” This is very much true in the case of tender and delicate students. The minds of students are just like photographic plates; whatever impressions are left on them, would be retained by them.

The good ideas -like love the motherland, devotion to duty, obedience towards elders, service to the nation, helping the poor and the needy, nursing the sick, feeding the hungry etc are inculcated in the students during their school days.

Broadly speaking, school life is not only a period for learning, Essays, Paragraphs, Belles, and reading of books or plying, but also it is a period of time during which, all the good habits are acquired, bad habits are shunned, good conduct, fair play and sound thinking are developed. Further, the healthy ideas of patriotism and nationalism are imbibed by the students during this period.

My school life shall prepare for me, a sound and firm foundation upon which, the building of my life is going to be erected. My mistakes and failures would guide me in my future life. I do not feel discouraged and disheartened because, for me, the failures are the stepping stones towards success. My school life is a good and great experience and experience is the best teacher. I shall always adore my school days.


Proper manner conduct behaviour



5. Our School

My school is reputed and distinguished from other schools and I appreciate my school. I am I penning down my affection on what makes my school different


  1. School Environment
  2. Spacious grounds.
  3. Library
  4. Laboratories
  5. Why I love my school
  1. Good teachers
  2. Patient, kind,
  3. Forgiving
  4. Trips, activities
  5. Sports and coaching

School is the place, where one meets children from various aspects and horizons of life, temperaments, some mischievous, some bright, some really cool, where one makes friends, one plays, enjoys, learns and a place, my friends, can only be a school! Imagine how would be if there were no schools.

Open and spacious playfields to play, the universe of books, the characters to live in them, and the experience of living with various forms and characters in no oneself in them, visiting the different town, villages, cities, countries, reliving the past the and the future, as drawn by the author, gives a completely different dimension to one’s life. off course its the school, library.

discovering yourself is a challenge, science laboratories is a magical place, learning the skill of programming, making robots dancing in your tune in the computer laboratory, makes you feel like a magician. Could there be a better fairyland than a school which makes it possible for us + create all this?

Situated in the vicinity of Siliguri, my school is the place which I described. I am in love with my school; I cannot live without it.

I have groomed up because of my wonderful school, it is a part of my life. The temple of learning is my school and I worship it every day. My school taught me the difference between wrong and right, write and read what I read, the skill to manage my conflicts, the ability to modify my behaviour, respect my elders and friends, be kind, compassionate, forgiving and good.

My teacher teaches me all the good quality. My teachers never lose patience. In other words, they make us accountable for what we do. They forgive us for our mistakes.

They forgive our mistake as we forgive others for theirs. When they teach, we are spell t we do not know how, but we keep on answering correctly, all the ones, which they put up to us? Learning can be fun is what you can in our school. We debate, discuss, question and then conclude.

Everybody wants to remain in our school We have coaching for nearly all games and a state of the art gymnasium where all athletes and sports persons undergo scientifically designed training on a number of workstations.

My school is an adventure, a discovery……. Oh, my dear school I love you so much that I can not imagine my life without you. Observe the style in the above composition”Can you think of a place- learns and grows” the beginning is different and stimulates one to think of a place which has so much of diversity and then It leads towards the topic sentence.

The world of magic and fairies excites one’s imagination. Words such as adventure, the discovery makes school real fun.

All aspects of school have been taken and the conclusion again reinforces one’s love for school. Thus, the style of writing is depicted through the use of good phrases, adjectives, words and comparisons. Thought-provoking or interesting beginning and end also add to the style.

Elements of good composition are unity, coherence and style. Read and decide for yourself whether the composition has all three.


mischievous -naughty, playful;

spacious- large;

visualized Imagine;

dimension-feature, side;

differentiate- distinguish;

conflicts — Clash, disagreement;

compassionate — kind-hearted;

consequences — result;

accountable – responsible;

spellbound -fascinated;

field trips – outdoor City;

participate -take part in;

state of the art -excellent;


6. Our School

Points to Remember –

Introduction: School reminds children of the burden of studies. My school is different.

Body: Name of school

  1. A number of students.
  2. Big playgrounds and good coaching.
  3. Teachers – well qualified, friendly and efficient.
  4. Well equipped science laboratory and library.
  5. Plenty of extra-curricular activities.
  6. Shortcomings of the school.

A large number of students, therefore difficult to give individual attention to students – few students get a chance to participate in extracurricular activities.

Conclusion: A good school upholding high standards of discipline, academics and extra-curricular activities.

To go to school in a summer morning, It drives all joy away. Under a cruel eye outworn,

(Blake, The Schoolboy)

What Blake said decades ago holds true for many even to this day. The very word school makes most children frown and few children are happy to go to school. It reminds them of the tremendous burden of home-work, weekly tests, and learning by rote what they do not understand and many more unpleasant experiences.

However, all schools are not the same and I can happily claim my school to be different from these I study in the twelfth standard of Don Bosco School situated on Sevoke Road. The building of our school is old but a very spacious piece of land. The rooms are large with adequate lighting and ventilation. There are about 2000 students in the school and a large number of teachers to teach various subjects.

We have big playgrounds and adequate facilities for different kinds of sports. We have basketball, volleyball, cricket and badminton courts and table tennis and chess rooms. We have three classes a week allotted for sports and receive training in whatever sport the students are interested in.

Those who wish can have extra coaching in the zero-hours. Which means one hour before school starts. Our games instructor is very efficient and friendly. Our school teams often participate in inter-school sports competitions and have won several trophies in different sports.

Academically also our school is well equipped in terms of staff and equipment. Our teachers are all qualified to teach different subjects. Most of them are very friendly and cooperative. We do not hesitate to ask them to explain our difficulties.

Of course, in every class, there are one or two teachers whom we are very scared because we find them to be very strict. For instance, there are teachers who believe in severely punishing students who have not done their homework or those who come late to school without trying to understand the reason for it. There are others who let us off with mud remonstrance but do not issue punishments such as standing on the desk or calling one’s parents to complain.

Again, most of the teachers teach well so that the students are able to follow the lesson taught in the class without having to get someone to explain it all over again at home. The teachers give us some home-work on the lesson taught the class and that helps to fix it in our minds. In the junior classes there is not much home-work but in the senior classes there is a lot more. The home-work is checked very regularly and returned to us the very next day so that we can rectify our mistakes while the lesson is still fresh in our minds.

We have a very well equipped science laboratory and are able to carry on the experiments without having to wait for others to complete their work. Our library is very well equipped. We have books on the different subjects taught so that we can do our project work by consulting books apart from our coursebooks.

Then we also have many extra-curricular activities which enliven our routine of academic work. Some of these activities are music, dance, needlework, art and craft, clay – modelling and so on.
Our school is good, yet there are a few shortcomings also. For instance, there are forty students in a class which, I. think, is too large a number for a teacher to give individual attention to each student.

The number of students should be limited to twenty-five. Again, because of this, few students get a chance to participate in the performances on the annual day or interschool competitions. Only one or two of the best students from each class are chosen so other talented students do not get the opportunity to participate. This is quite depressing for them.

However, on the whole, I would say, that my school is worthy of praise in upholding high standards of discipline, academics and extra-curricular activities. For most of us, it is a joy to come to

school rather than a dismaying experience.


spacious – extensive,

adequate – fully sufficient,

facilities – things or services that are useful,

allotted – distributed,

hesitate – to pause or be unwilling to do something,

rectify – to correct

demonstrate – express disapproval,

participate – to take part


Writing is both talent and art, students can develop handwriting by using fountain pens at an early age by using fountain pens.

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