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Mother Teresa

Paragraph on Mother Teresa 3 Best Essays about Mother Teresa

Paragraph on Mother Teresa

Example 1: Paragraph on Mother Teresa


  • The place where she was born?
  • When was Mother Teresa born?
  • At the age of 18, what did she do?
  • For whom did she become compassionate?
  • What did she do for the dying deprived?
  • When and why was she given the Noble Prize?


Short Paragraph on Mother Teresa

Short Note on Mother Teresa

On August 26th 1910, a noble heart was born in the form of Mother Teresa at Skopje a village in Yugoslavia. Her father was an Albanian citizen. She has a sister and two brothers. She was the youngest in the family. On the age of 18, she became a member of the missionaries of the sisters of our Lady of Loreto in Eire. In 1928, she reached India and in 1931 she was educating Indians at a Calcutta girl’s college. During those days medical science was underdeveloped. She became popular as a kind-hearted lady. Mother Teresa at all times helped and served to the sufferings of the poor and the down-trodden. She was tremendously moved by the depressing situation of the distressed individuals in the streets. She never relaxed whether be its a rainy day or sunny day. She laid a house known as ‘dying destitute’ in 1953 to search for peace. This Saint breathed her final on the fifth of September 1997.

Paragraph on Mother Teresa

Example 2: Paragraph on Mother Teresa

Essay on Mother Teresa 300 words

Mother Teresa was born as Agnes Gogsha Bojaxhiu in Yugoslavia on August 27, 1910, she was the youngest of three children. Her father was a businessman. She joined the Institution of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loretto Nuns) at an early age and in 1929, at the age of nineteen, came to Kolkata as Sister Teresa.

Inspiration Day is celebrated on every 10 September every year, as on this date in 1943, while on her way to Darjeeling that she received “her call within a call”. This call became loud and clear in 1949 when she left the Loretto Order and started her own congregation, the “Missionaries of Charity.”

As founders of this congregation, Mother Teresa faced many obstacles, difficulties and rejections, all of which she raised to the hands of Divine Providence, which has nurtured and guided the congregation all these years.

The plight of the slum dwellers their abject poverty, the squalor, the lack of basic essentials like food, medicine, sanitary conditions and education is what pulled most at Mother’s heartstrings. She launched a free school for slum children.

In upcoming years, she founded Nirmla Shishu Bhawan to serve orphan children. a Home for lepers, for the sick and abandoned, and Nirmal Hriday for the ill, sick and dying destitute in Kalighat.

It started with Kolkata, the City of Joy, and her love spread, but her quest to serve love and happiness to the dying and down-trodden, spread to the far corners of the world.

Mother Teresa received the Padmashree Award, the Nehru Award, the Magsaysay Award, and the Pope John XXIII Award and eventually, she received the Nobel Prize in 1979 for Peace and International Understanding.

Mother Teresa finally breathed her last breath and left for her heavenly abode on September 5, 1997, and was beatified on October 19, 2003. Blessed Teresa of Kolkata is soon to be declared Saint Teresa of the Gutters.

Essay on Mother Teresa with 500 words

Example 3

Paragraph about Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is considered to be a moving angel on the simple old missionary lady is known today throughout the world is the saviour of thousands of orphans and deserted children born in 1910 at Spoji in Yugoslavia. At the time of her father was a farmer. A brother and a sister younger to her were also in that family. She was the eldest. Instead of the preferred to join as a nun in the Roman Catholic Church, I consent of her parents she was admitted as a sister of the Roy Catholic Church. She joined service of the Church and came to India when she was just 19 years, on 6 January 1929.

Miss Agnes was named as Sister Teresa and assigned to work as a teacher at Calcutta. She joined. She was not happy to continue as a teacher. She saw in the streets of Calcutta poverty, sickness and misery. A number of children were seen deserted and there were many orphans. They had none to care for. There were many sick and miserable persons. She wanted to serve them.

Having only Rs. 5/- with her, she took a small room and started serving them. She took care of the deserted children. She also nursed the sick. She started a small school. Seeing the selfless service undertaking by a foreign lady, many ladies in Calcutta joined her. Thus came into being the institution called Missionaries of Charity. Sister Teresa never went back to her motherland. With many sisters joining her organisation Sister Teresa became Mother Teresa.

As time passes years by years, Mother Teresa’s missionary activities also expanded to other cities and to other countries too. Missionaries of charity, today, are seen in almost all big cities of India. Her institutions are now doing service in Srilanka, Australia and even in faraway countries like Venezuela.
Love and compassion are the cordial principles of her mission.

Serving the needy and the poor is serving God, she says. Her will power and dedication to the cause of the poor and to the cause of destitute children has earned her national recognition. Mother Teresa has been honoured by many awards, Raman Magsay Award (1962), Jawahar Lal Nehru (1972), International Award of Peace (1973), Templeton Foundation Award (1979), Bharat Ratna (1980), for her noble work.

Today Mother Teresa is a moving symbol of Love and Compassion. She is spreading the message of Love of Lord Jesus in all corners of the Globe. She has chosen India as her country. She is now Mother General in her mission. Subhashini Das, who was the first disciple of Mother Teresa, is now Sister Agnes. We the Indians should be proud of Mother Teresa, as she is one living amongst us now.

Word notes :  cordial = hearty. destitute = needy.

Brief Paragraph On Mother Teresa

Example 4


  • Where was Mother Teresa born?
  • What was her father?
  • What do you know about her behaviour?
  • What did she want to do?
  • When did she join the order of the sisters of our Lady of Loreto in Ireland?
  • What were her activities in India?
  • When and why did she receive Nobel Prize?
  • When did she die?


Mother Teresa was born on 27th August 1910 in Yugoslavia, tier birth name was Agnes. She became a nun at the early age of twelve and joined the Irish Loreto nuns. She began her career with the teaching in a Convent school. Later she grew to become the Principal of the school however the destiny had willed something else.

She selected Calcutta because of the place of her work of charity and mercy. She saw the miserable condition of the slum dwellers, the lepers and the underdog in Calcutta and was full of anguish. Overflowing with compassion and mercy she dedicated herself to the service of the sick, the helpless and the orphans like a mother.

Mother Teresa became an Indian citizen in 1948. Soon he assumed the work of kindness and became a symbol of personification of service and charity. Her society of the Missionaries of charity is a famous organisation. It consists of a number of schools, hospitals and clinics. Instructions in family planning, child and mother-care are imparted in scores of institutions under her.

The fleet of mobile dispensaries under her consisted of over 400 vans. A big network of clinics, hospitals, houses and schools under her (in her Mission) was dedicated to the service of mankind.

Mother Teresa led a simple life with minimum wants like Florence nightingale, she was full of deep warmth and boundless compassion for the sick and the underprivileged classes and people of the society. Her life was a glaring example of a pious life dedicated to the single purpose of service and love.

She was a lady of magnetic and divine personality whoever came in her contact began to adore her. Her very presence inspired the people with hope and faith in humanity. She inspired even the Imperial chemical company by her loving care for the poor. The company donated one of its factories to her. She utilised its income for her mission of charity. Her co-workers sought inspiration from the living spirit of love and compassion.

Mother Teresa had travelled to many countries which showered money in plenty for the cause of service of humanity which she had championed so ardently. Her contribution to world peace, harmony and happiness had been tremendous and matchless. Service was the only religion, mission and motto of Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was the first Indian woman to be honoured with the Nobel Peace Prize.

This prize was given to her in 1979 in recognition of her promotion of peace in the world and her great service to humanity. She had also been honoured with many other national and international awards and honours during her lifetime. She was the proud recipient of the Pope’s Peace Prize, Jawahar Lal Nehru Award, the Ramon Magsaysay Award, The Templeton Foundation Prize and the Bharat Ratna (the highest Civilian Award in India).

In spite of her physical weakness, old age and serious ailment she remained engaged in the service of the poor, the lepers, the destitute and the sick. She became a living legend among the masses on account of her dedication to the service of humanity. She proved motherly to the abandoned children, child labours and slum-dwellers.

She believed in the small family but disliked abortions. She was an elected head of the missionaries of charity. Mother Teresa’s death caused a wave of gloom in the heart of the destitute and underprivileged people. Let us pray to God to give us another Mother Teresa.

Essay on Mother Teressa

Essay on Mother Teresa
Essay on Mother Teresa

Example 4

Short Note on Mother Teressa

Love is the best feeling of humanity which makes him a true human being. Love towards humanity cannot be bound! In the narrow limits of caste or religion. Any person who has feelings of affection and pity in his heart can devote thh whole life in the service of mankind. Mother Teressa is one of t area test souls on the earth who served humanity with selfless love. She is called the idol of affection, love, pity

Mother Teressa was born on August 26, 1910, in the small-town Skopje of Yugoslavia. The name of her father was Albanian who was a builder. Her childhood name was Bohajheu. Her parents were of religious thinking. She decided the aim of her life at the age of twelve.

She decided to become a nun at the age of 18. For this, she joined the Loretto Centre of Nuns. From there she got the message to go to India.

Mother Teressa went to India and reached Calcutta in 1929 to become a teacher in Loretto Atlay School, in the beginning, she worked as a teacher. Due to her ability, hard work and feeling of social service she soon became the principal. But she was not satisfied. The call of human suffering impressed her most.

On December 10, 1946, when she was going to Darjeeling by train, she heard the call of her inner conscious. She felt that she should serve the poor by staying with them. She left the school. In 1950 she founded ‘Missionaries of Charity.’ She went out to serve humanity with two saris with a blue border.

In 1948 she opened a school for children living in slums. Then she founded an inn ‘Nirmal Hriday’ near Kali Temple where helpless people could get shelter. She along with her fellow sisters used to heal the patients lying in streets and lanes. She was named Teressa after the famous nun of saint Teressa in the 16th century.

In the beginning, she wandered in the city in search of e Poor on death bed. Then she had only one and a half rupee. First, she lived in Creek Lane and afterwards on Circular Road. Now, this building is known as ‘Mother House, throughout the world.

In 1952 the first Nirmal Hriday centre was founded. Now it has branches in 120 countries. This institution runs 169 educational centres, 1369 welfare centres and 755 Shelter Houses.

Mother Teressa had a lot of patience and kindness. She had extreme affection for sick, old, hungry, naked poor people she served the old helpless, sick and tortured women for 50 years.

She brought to light in the life of destitute and handicapped, children from her birth to her last breath. She gave her whole life to serve the sufferers. Mother Teressa suffered from heart disease She had been pulling on with the help of pacemaker since 1989. In September 1997 she died.

Now Mother Teressa who served the suffered human is no longer with us. We should follow her path in serving the destitute, helpless, sick people. This will be our true respect towards her.

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