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picture composition

Picture Composition Class 10 ICSE Examination Best Sample.


A picture is a great stimulant. It at times makes you recall your personal experience, good or bad we can relate it to what we have read in the newspapers and magazines, or seen

Picture Composition


A picture is a great bad. Sometimes we on television or films. In the ICSE EXAMINATIONwhat the picture suggestions from

ICSE Examination you would get to write a story or a description or an account of the picture suggests to you. Your composition may be directly about the subject or may take insight from it, but there must be a clear connection between the picture and the composition.

Picture Composition SAMPLE

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Picture may be a photograph, or an action scene or a sketch The objective being to its impact on your imagination. Thus as per the question, you will have to decide whether to you want to:

  1. Write a story on the picture.
  2. Write a description of the things you see in the picture.
  3. Write an account of the ideas and feelings that the picture suggests to you.

You will have to choose one of the above. However, for each of them, a different approach to writing would have to be adopted. These are dwelt on in detail in the following pages, with an illustrated example based on one particular picture. The composition has been written in the three different forms so as to highlight their uniqueness.

A story based on a picture

  1. Take a careful look at the picture with a view to ascertain the nuclear plot or the theme. In case it is not very evident, you may have to invent a theme bearing a direct connection with the picture. It is around this that you will have to base your characters in the story.
  2. Thus if you see the picture of a crowd, led by a man with a clenched fist and placards, you may immediately connect it with ‘strike ‘or a protest march’. This would be the theme, while the causes would have to be imagined by you, for example, it could be workers strike or a public demonstration for a social or political cause. Similarly, if you see a picture of a street or landscape flooded with water, then the theme could be ‘Waterlogging’ or ‘Floods‘.

    picture composition
    Picture Composition
  3. Once having identified the theme, you can go about identifying and character sketching the key actor and the associated actors in the picture. In case the picture is based on an action sequence, you can identify yourself with the key actor and get involved in the scene, by letting loose your imagination.
  4. Based on the theme you have chosen, write out a short story as to what had happened r to the picture and what would follow, thus bringing the story to a close. A careful observation of the facial expressions, gestures, clothes could provide you with valuable clues to the story.
  5.   (I) For the illustrative example please see following pa description based on a picture. (ii) Study the picture with a view to identifying a specific detail. (iii)Now widen the focus to take into account the other or peripheral details, given in the picture. (iii) The factors or causes, which have an impact on, the details so selected.
  6. The effect of this on the other people and the general public.
  7. Conclude by summarizing the causes and their effect that you observe in the Picture.

For the illustrative example please see the following page. An account based on a picture

Here you are required to give an account of what the picture suggests to you. Thus why picture becomes the starting point for having stimulated the writer, he can now allow his the and feelings to dwell on things beyond the picture. Thus in the illustrative example given we the starting point of the picture being a flooded village, with a man and his son sitting on a thatch roof. This could be followed by your associated thoughts and suggestions, which you derive from the picture.

You could do this by dwelling on the irony of nature, where you have flooded in one part of the country, whereas in another part people are suffering because of a draught.

The faulty management of the water resources of the country, the large scale felling of trees and environmental degradation being the cause of this evil. This and similar other ideas could form the body of the composition.

A picture composition

of this kind should have the following plan.

  1. Introduction – Brief description of the stimulus in the picture and its effect on you.
  2. Body of the composition — the different thoughts and ideas from the picture, which are linked together in a logical sequence.
  3. Conclusion – Rounding off your thought and feelings and returning to the specific stream

Which had triggered your imaginative adventure? Illustrative examples

Study the picture given at page number below. Write a story or a description or an account of what the picture suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or may take suggestions from it, but there must be a clear connection between the picture and the composition.

Best Sample Picture Composition

picture composition
picture composition

[expand title=”Sample 1: Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE”]

Picture Composition 1 Rickshaw Puller

Water’, ‘water everywhere but not a drop to drink.’ The squeamishness of city life fades away as we are surrounded by things that go beyond the natural human Life in Calcutta seems to move pretty smoothly for everyone till the rains end and make commuting hazardous.

The rains are the only time when vehicles lose their power of travelling at breath need and negotiating curves. The best mode of transport during this season is the cycle or hand-rickshaw. Believe it or not, in these trying times when everything is expensive and the schools need to shut down because of waterlogging and flood-like sile situations, the band-rickshawalla actually call it their season. They earn more than eight to ten times of their usual wages and some of them thank the rain pods for this bounty.
Arun a hand-rickshaw puller had been out of luck for many days. He didn’t help to make enough money for there was much competition on his route. He was a native of Calcutta but he always found that people from outside came and dominated the rickshaw pulling trade. They would settle for much less and youngsters hardly thought about wages and the labour involved.
They came from poor villages and seemed to be satisfied with the little they had. They didn’t have families to support either were they anxious about living quarters. Arun needed the money and he thought that things were getting tough.

Although it had rained and the roads were flooded, he wasn’t getting proper customers. At the corner of the road, he saw a lady stranded. He was in no mood of helping her. She looked poor with an umbrella and a worried look. He offered to help her. She had left her home and was going to meet her son. When the auto driver dislodged her from his vehicle she could not wade the flooded waters.
Arun forgot about his poverty and allowed this lady to sit in his rickshaw. She said she would pay but he didn’t really believe her. It took him more than an hour to take her through the flooded water to her son’s house. There the family waited anxiously for their mother. They tried all means of communication but couldn’t find her. On seeing his mother arrive, the young boy and his family were extremely happy. Arun did not expect anything but the delighted son gave him a five-hundred rupee note with tears in his eyes and seemed to be most grateful and that day Arun realized ‘God sees and rewards.[/expand]


picture composition for class 10 example 2
picture composition for class 10 example 2

[expand title=”Sample 2: Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE”]

Picture Composition 2 Bengaluru ‘City of Gardens’

Bengaluru Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE
Garden City of India
Bengaluru or Bangalore is the ‘Garden City of India’ is getting all geared up for the surfacing season. To be witness to the glitter and glamour that surrounds the spectacle. To be the social focus for the next six weeks. People fly in from Mu Chennai, Mysore, even Delhi. Owners, participants, jockeys, fans.

The great day arrives, it is the first Saturday of June and the racecourse central hub of activity, bedecked in ambience.

I am awestruck with the magnitude of what I behold a walk with my uncle the owner of a large number of horses. Some prized among the sure wins season. I am led to the enclosure and directed to the second row of seats with a view to mention the least. I glance left and right and in amazement see ladies beautiful parasols to protect them from the afternoon sun. Men in three-piece the fragrance and aroma, a blend of flowers and perfumes, fill the air. TH engulfs me and I take my seat with breathtaking anticipation.

Racebooks filter down to me and I enjoy the picture of every name beauty, Morning Star, Real Thunder, Black Rose, Watergate, Happy Cham Win, Red Alert, Royal Challenge and many, many more.

My eyes turn to the gate where all these massive animals for the first race are lined up. I count-One, two, three, and four-Ah! That’s the one I like-Number Four Magnificent’ with Jockey Sham astride.

The gun fires, the gates fly open and the ten massive creatures break free in a mad chase. The creatures are taking the race well and are tightening every muscle to make that breathtaking finish a clear win. The jockeys are almost upright taking every stride of their horse with ease and perfection…… and the first race is won by “Magnificent’. My surprise and happiness know no bounds. The experience was gripping and I was speechless. They receive a big trophy and there is also a cash prize. lam thrilled at the spectacle.

The rainy season helps in the blossoming of flowers. Though the rainy season is a flight for gardens as it quenches thirst from scorching Sun, poor rickshaw puller does face difficulty in pulling a rickshaw.

At this moment, a thought passes through my mind-throughout history; winners and losers have featured, and have experienced periods in their lives when they felt encouraged or discouraged. Times of elation and times of disappointment, but it is through constant reinforcement of the winner’s attitude that we can all become heroes.[/expand]


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