Picture Composition Class 10 ICSE Examination Best Sample.


A picture is a great stimulant. It at times makes you recall your personal experience, good or bad we can relate it to what we have read in the newspapers and magazines, or seen.

Picture Composition Guidelines:

A picture is a great bad. Sometimes we see on television or films. In the ICSE EXAMINATION what the picture suggestions from

ICSE Examination you would get to write a story or a description or an account of the picture suggests to you. Your composition may be directly about the subject or may take insight from it, but there must be a clear connection between the picture and the composition.

Picture may be a photograph, or an action scene or a sketch The objective being to its impact on your imagination. Thus as per the question, you will have to decide whether to you want to:

  • Many school teachers and coaching centre/institutes do not recommend attempting picture composition, rather they advise to avoid picture composition in board papers like ICSE Exam, CBSE Exam (Class 10 Exam) and ISC Exam (Class 12 Exam). The Primary belief, reason and logic behind this rationale is that interpretation of the Picture may be deviated by the candidate as in actual it seems to appear. Or there can be situations in which a paper examiner (paper checker) may have developed his/her own perception, views and logic.
  • It has also been a proven fact that the quality of the print on the question paper media is hazy and blur. This also affects the ability of the candidate to interpret the Picture incorrect direction.
  • Overall this will impact your scoring chance and lead to poor marks in Board Exam papers like ICSE Exam, CBSE Exam (Class 10 Exam) and ISC Exam (Class 12 Exam) and may ruin your prospects.
  • If you take risk of attempting picture composition and lucky enough to hit the bull’s eye, then attempting a Picture Composition in itself is a rewarding adventure, as you score a priority in collecting marks over other candidates who are not willing to take the risk by attempting Picture Composition.
  • The paper examiner will definitely get impressed and appreciate your depicting, narrating, expressing and writing skill.

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