Picture Composition on How I Spent my Holidays?
Picture Composition on How I Spent my Holidays?

Picture Composition on How I Spent my Holidays?

Picture Composition on How I Spent my Holidays?

How I Spent my Holidays?


What kind of arrangement of Ideas has been used in this?

Select the right order
  1. Chronological
  2. Importance
  3. Climax

Sunday is an inviting break from the monotony of going to school every day, studying, doing homework preparing for tests, exams and so on. On Sunday we do whatever we feel like, we are masters on a Sunday—I relax, enjoy and have fun and it does wonders to me I can again go back to school fresh and ready to work with a lot of energy and vigour.

  1. Sunday infiltrates the monotony
  2. Sunday – a day of comfort to relax and enjoy life.
  3. What did I do last Sunday?
  4. Enjoying water sports.
  5. Enjoyed rides and swings
  6. I prepared lunch at home

Attending School, mingling with friends is enjoyable but still, I long for Sunday eagerly.

Sunday breaks the school routine, which is getting up early in the morning, attending the assembly, doing classwork, coming back home, resting for some time and doing school work. Every Sunday is a day to relax and enjoy. The day I made by enjoying it; of course with some compromises. My parents are fond of travelling so usually, we go for an outing on a Sunday. We also dine outside.

This Sunday we went to the Savin Kingdom at Hill Cart Road, Darjeeling More which is close to Siliguri – Darjeeling Road. My parents, uncle, aunt, my cousins and I reached a fun place at about 12.00 noon. My father purchased tickets for us from the ticket counter. After a long wait in the long queue but papa managed to get tickets after a wait of 15 minutes. My mother got impatient and wanted to drop the idea but the kids did not let her change the programme. We were excited to experience swings and enjoy water sports. My father returned with the tickets, looking victorious as if he had won the world, we all exclaimed happily on seeing him. Our parents were escorting us to the entry gate but they had a difficult time controlling us.

First, we change into our swimming costumes and entered into the pool. My aunt doubted and generated suspicion saying that the water was unhygienic and that we all would fall ill but no one listened to her when, as the pool was so inviting. Both my father and uncle jumped into the pool and we played throw ball. Oh! It was real fun! Then we went down on a slide, zoom!!! splashing into the water. My breath stopped, for a moment, instant thought that I will drown, but up I popped, safe and sound. I Kept on swinging, once, twice, thrice, into the water and soon lost count of it. We enjoyed for an hour in the pool and were literally pushed out of the pool and were requested to change our clothes.

We then had some homemade lunch which my mother and aunt had prepared. We got ice cream from our uncle, for all of us, after lunch. We went to different swings with my father and enjoyed it but not as much as we had enjoyed the pool. Time flew by and it was 5.00 p.m.

We entered a restaurant where we all of us had tea and snacks while the kids had burgers and soft drinks.

Alas! The sun had started setting signalling the end of the day. We were packed into the cars and reached home by 7.00 in the evening. In the evening we ordered pizzas, my mother was too tired cooking food and we enjoyed pizza, eating them while watching a movie Harry Potter.

How do I wish every day was a Sunday?

I ever wonder, what if I could enjoy as much as I do if every day would have been a Sunday!

Notice the topic sentences and observe how each set of ideas are written in one paragraph. The first paragraph introduces the topic that is Sunday- by stating how Sunday breaks the routine. The second deals with what we usually do on a Sunday. The third, talk about buying tickets for Fun and Food Village. The fourth, about water games, the fifth, about lunch and sixth, about our return home. The composition ends on a note which makes us think.

What has to be observed is the sequence or order of ideas. This gives coherence to the composition as it reflects the logical development of thought processes.


Label 1Label 2
Monotony boredom/routine
Vigor Full of life
Compromises strike Balance
splashingsound made when something heavy falls into the water
popped appear suddenly
literally accurately
dragged pulled
popped to come up
literallyin the real sense
Picture Composition on How I Spent my Holidays?
Picture Composition on How I Spent my Holidays?


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