Picture Composition on Morning Walk
picture composition on morning walk

Picture Composition on Morning Walk

Picture Composition on Morning Walk


Everyone is aware of the benefits and advantages of a morning walk and its effect on health on the human body? It not only keeps one physically fit but also takes care of mental and emotional well being

  1. Introduction Advantages
  2. Mental well being
  3. Improvement in the immunity level
  4. Worthwhile experience
  5. Important for people living in big polluted cities

It is true that things that work the best in this world are not at all expensive and it cannot be truer than in the case of getting up early for a morning walk.

Having morning walk regularly, and following it like a religion, it gives enormous benefits. Morning walk comes with a price, you need both luck and time, with a lot of determination and health consciousness.

Morning walk is the most required thing in life. It exemplifies a certain kind of discipline wherein one performs this task, on a daily basis, for physical as well as mental well being.

Morning walk gives both a healthy mind and a healthy body and a morning walk are one of the best ways to achieve both, simultaneously. Routine performance of morning walk bestows huge advantage.

Morning walk improves blood circulation and immunity strength of a person. In the morning, one can experience the regenerating effect of the fresh air and the natural environment.

A good beginning of the day in a positive note. Morning walk has come with great relief to people giving them the opportunity to remain physically fit.

An hour of morning walk burns calories and helps in maintaining a proper weight. It keeps one active and energetic and takes away dullness, monotony and lethargy from one’s life.

It is like a tonic which rejuvenates the sagging, enervating spirit. Walking in morning fades away worries and anxieties, diminishing depression by making one optimistic and positive in life.

Moreover, one can enjoy music, can ruminate, plan for the day, and find solutions to problems in the solitude of one’s own space and time.

One can also enjoy the company of one’s friends while enjoying the bounties of Nature. The much-needed changes are achieved by keeping poor emotions and mental hurdle out of the way.

Morning walk also improves one’s immunity level. It gives the body and minds the strength to fight all the diseases It invigorates the body system and helps the body to overcome to a great extent, the harm caused by many diseases.

It tones up the whole system and develops stamina for performing tasks which need physical strength and prepares a person for the day’s work.

Morning walk is the simplest form of exercise which allows a person to get rid of any gastric blockages and harmful toxins in the body that might not allow one to get a sound sleep.

A morning walk is a worthwhile experience. The breeze of fresh air welcomes you, dust-free environment and smokeless roads in the morning are pleasant surprises that everyone misses, the sights of the road meet the horizon and are also less crowded. Joyful moments give rhythm to life, delightful movement, that recharges each one, for the complete day.

The morning is a boon, scenic natural beauty, dew on the grass and leaves with plants appearing like pearls, and the birds singing cheerfully.

Morning Walk is vital, for all of us, for people living in metros, as their life is filled with mad race. Immense job pressure at the workplace, hunger for wealth and luxury, desire for name and fame can take its toll.

Our working environment restrains us from physical exercise, both lack of time and nature of clerical work abstains us from doing this. In towns and cities, we breathe polluted air, leading to many people living in cities, suffering from diseases related to daily hectic life and environment, improving respiratory system thus hope for a fit world depends only in taking Morning walks regularly and religiously.

Observe the topic sentences in each paragraph and notice how all ideas are woven around them. Also, note how the paragraph changes with the change.

essay on morning walk
essay on morning walk


miraculous—pertaining to a miracle;

determination—a strong will;

exemplifies— to illustrate with examples;



rejuvenates—to render young again;

sagging—state of sinking; enervating

reduced energy;

optimistic – positive attitude;

ruminate – think about;

solitude—state of being lonely;


invigorates— refreshes

toxins— poison.

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