Picture Composition on Picnic Scene for school students
picture composition on picnic

Picture Composition on Picnic Scene for school students

Picture Composition on Picnic

Picnic! and that too a picnic with friends, is one of the most sought-after activity, in school. Picnics are always welcomed by us and highly appreciate our teachers for arranging a picnic for us—oh! the excitement and planning make everyone so energetic and excited that even the mischievous ones are on their best behaviour, lest their picnic is cancelled— even homework is submitted on time. After all, who would want to annoy teachers, and have this important activity cancelled or postponed

  1. Picnic—an outing
  2. The arrival of students and the bus journey
  3. Arriving at the destination
  4. Lunchtime
  5. Post lunch activities
  6. Departure
  7. Conclusion
picnic bus
picnic bus

Just the word picnic’ brings cheer and smile to the face of students,

Generally, we simply go to a hill or a park or any other place. The atmosphere is one of excitement, fun and frolic. Ample preparations are made before the picnic, the place, the schedule and who will get what is decided upon by the class. In fact, games are also planned in advance so that the time spent is utilized fruitfully. For the students, a picnic is a day of the outing, no studies and of course lots of fun and games.

On the day of the picnic

On the day of the picnic, a lot of thrill and adventurous spirit can be seen in students. They gather together at a pre-decided place, board the buses and leave for their respective destination. Students enjoy singing songs, eating snacks, sharing jokes during the bus journey.

As soon as the destination is reached

As soon as the destination is reached, a group is formed and proper instructions are given so that there is no confusion on any account and no child gets lost. Children explore the various facets of the place they are visiting and enjoy while learning at the same time. Some enthusiastic ones can also be seen by clicking photographs.

After lots of fun and excitement its natural to get hungry and why not?

Eating together fills heart full of fun and enjoyment, hence all students group together to enjoy their lunch. Moreover, the inviting smell of samosas, sandwiches, rice biryani and other eatables make you all the hungrier. As the students gather and eat the spirit of sharing, looking after each other and definitely appreciating what others have bought makes the conversation lively. The teachers encourage them to share recipes and how delicacies have been cooked.

After lunch

After lunch, we play and enjoy games like cricket, badminton, hide and seek, football, etc. When we are tired, we sit down in a circle and play pass the parcel, with music playing in the playground, when the music stops, the child who has the parcel, takes out a slip from it and has to do whatever activity is mentioned in it. It is really fun to see even the shy ones, making an effort to act, as per instructions. It is quite interesting for everyone, even for the teachers, who participate willingly in it.

How does time fly? Before we know, the instructions to assemble for departure are given and then begins the appeals from all students to extend the time a little longer, but, a firm ‘No’ dampens our spirit. Nevertheless, leave we must, and though a little sad but happy and satisfied, we start forming lines like good, well-behaved children.

All picnics are interesting outings, a good source of enjoyment and learning experience.

We also come close to our teachers and can see their other side too i.e. their fun-loving nature. In short, students not only learn in their classrooms but beyond it, through picnics which encourage a feeling of oneness, togetherness, belongingness and a spirit of friendship.

Notice the keywords in each paragraph, especially the last paragraph, which forms the conclusion of the composition. You will notice that it refers to picnics in general and is associated with the learning which takes place.


monument—a building made in memory of someone/memorial

utilized — used




delicacies— expensive food/high quality for preparing a dish



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