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Practice what you preach

Practice what you preach Picture composition for class 10 ICSE Exam

Practice what you preach.

Picture composition for class 10 ICSE Exam, CBSE Exam

The picture is a satire on the present social practices prevailing in the society. We hear everywhere, from our elders, teachers, great leaders, and respected citizens proclaiming very lofty ideals, values and sentiments in public. However, when it comes to practicing them they do just the reverse, completely oblivious of what they preached.

Thus we find political leaders despising their compatriots who place their loyalties of a price, to find the very same leaders resorting to it when they stand to gain. This is the abysmally low level to which our national character has fallen.

The picture is but a manifestation of this national character, where we see two delegates coming out from a conference on the theme ‘Save water‘. Their enthusiasm reflects the resounding success of the conference. They have all the reasons to be happy for their paper on ‘Need to conserve water, a precious natural resource’ was greatly applauded.

Their practical suggestion of individual responsibility, for conserving this valuable resource, by avoiding wastage through leaky taps and carelessness was appreciated. On coming out of the hall they find the banner put up at the venue of the seminar slightly tilted.

They instruct the supervisor to set it right, completely oblivious to the fact that, just behind them water from a tap was flowing down the drain. It very aptly brings out the present style of demonstrating and proclaiming from rooftops, noble and high ideals, only to ignore them when it comes to implementing them ourselves. In other words, it is a classic example of ‘darkness under the candlestick.’

We find instances of the above abounding all around us. The teacher ridicules those who take private tuition, while at the same time indulging in this practice on the sly to rake in some additional money.

The political parties deride corruption in public life and the involvement of criminals in politics, to find that they themselves are smeared with the same brush with which they are painting others. So deep-rooted is this malice, that we no longer take seriously even socially relevant issues like water conservation, pollution, fuel conservation, and many other critical issues.

Though we pay lip service to them. This apathy is probably due to the public’s observance, of the open flouting of these issues by the proponents themselves. Thus we find that even serious issues do not get the desired attention they deserve from the public, which is a cause of concern.

It seems the present society has forgotten the golden rule of “practice what you preach “or “ actions speak louder than words.” It is high time that we wake up to this invaluable piece of wisdom before it is too late.

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