Rainy Day Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE CBSE
Rainy day picture composition for class 10 ICSE CBSE

Rainy Day Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE CBSE

Rainy Day Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE CBSE

Rain, when you hear this word in summer, it brings cheer and gives relaxation to the mind and heart.

The mood gets refreshed with showers and drizzles of rain but also (reminds us of the difficulties faced during the rainy days).

Rainy Day Picture Composition for Class 10 ICSE CBSE

Introduction to Rainy Day Picture Composition

Describing the scene of Rainy Day

Chaos and mess due to rain

Wet and cool, good days have commenced. The continuous, nonstop, heavy rain, outside, is amazing. What fun, it’s raining! And when it rains my heart fills with joy? The peacock is at full feather with rhythm kids and children also do come out and play in the muddy water, they also make paper boats and enjoy by making a fun game out of it. A rainbow in the sky, after the rain, adds to their thrill and excitement avoid getting wet, the school going children and other people can be seen running with umbrellas and raincoats. many people do enjoy the rain, remaining indoors, the pitter-patter sounds on of the rain, relishing hot tea, Kodas and jalebis while peeping outside from their windows or sitting in their balconies and verandahs.

There is no doubt rain gives us cool weather but messy, chaotic roads. The streets are full of muddy water and people are stuck in traffic jams due to water loading.

Traffic jam gets a school bus late, office teacher fails to reach on time and at times due to undue haste traffic congestion and low visibility accidents happen, too. The water level gets much high, this makes difficult to ride and pull rickshaw, leave alone walk. Floods are caused by heavy rains in many regions, affects badly; many farmers lose their earnings because their crops are destroyed. hut houses In rural areas, on banks of the rivers are gets erodes away, Mosquitoes start breeding on the surface of stagnant puddles, causing diseases like malaria and dengue etc. walking on footpaths and muddy slopes creates slipping risk, like not walking on wet grass and in muddy water. On the whole, in spite of various problems, I enjoy the rainy season because of the cool weather and the lush greenery all around.

rainy day picture composition for class 10 Icse
rainy day picture composition for class 10 Icse

Observe the factual description in the composition and the ‘Unity in each paragraph

1st Paragraph deals with a general description.

2nd Paragraph description of roads during the rainy season.

3rd paragraph and

4th Paragraph flooding of areas, stagnant water the concluding remark.

The concluding remark sums up the composition on a positive note.


  • Relishing: a pleasing taste
  • Peeping: looking
  • Messy: disorder state
  • Chaotic: extremely disorganized
  • Waterlogging: Filled with water
  • Visibility: That which I can be seen by the eye
  • Stagnant: lacking motion or flow
  • Puddles: small pools of water.

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