Shiv Kumar Batalvi Biography 4 phase in 1 life Love separation awards death
shive kumar batalvi

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Biography 4 phase in 1 life Love separation awards death

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Biography:

Shiv Kumar Batalvi शिव कुमार बटालवी was a unique voice of Punjab, by birth he was Bhraman, filled with moods of love temperament, Shiva revealed in an interview to Mr Kaul in BBC that he himself does not know how he became Poet. Shiva Skill to recite is own composition was very versatile. Ghazal form poetry was believed to be in reach of people educated in Urdu and Hindi Language. Shiv Kumar changed the concept and making Ghazal form of poetry in reach of Punjabi Language, this is the major contribution for which Batalvi ie ever known.

  1. Introduction
  2. Family
  3. Childhood
  4. Awards
  5. Tribute by Singers
  6. Love Tragedy
  7. Interview and England Visit
  8. Death
  9. Shiv Kumar Batalvi Auditorium in Batala Jalandhar.
  10. Poems and other Works

Shiv Kumar Batalvi

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Born on 23 July 1936 (there is a dispute, some facts reveal that he was born on 8 October 1937) and deceased on 6 May 1973 was an Indian Citizen, he was born in Pind (village) Bara Pind Lothian, Sialkot District, Punjab province, after the partition of India, it is now called Punjab province in Pakistan, to parent Pandit Krishan Gopal, Patwari of the village, a post in the revenue department, and Shanti Devi, a housewife. Batalvi inherited the name from his home town Batala.

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Family

Shiv Kumar Batalvi is survived by his wife Aruna and two children Meharban Batlavi (born on 1968) and Puja Batalvi (born on 1969).

His parent forced to shift to India, in 1947 because of partition, at that time he was of 11 years old, Shiv Kumar Batalvi acquired is a name from the city Batala where he lived during his young age; was a writer, reciter, poet, author and a celebrated playwright of the native Punjabi language. He was most recognized for his romantic poetry, famous for its heightened ardour, pathos, separation and lover’s agony. He is called birah da Sultan, or King of Separation.

Dr. Meharban Batalvi

Dr Meharban Batalvi completed his doctorate in literature and stays in Calgary, Canada, try to fill his gap and remember how difficult the life was after the death of his father, at the time he was just 5 years old. He was no stranger to Batalvi Poetry. Everyone appreciated the poetry of his father, he too started reading them but failed to understand much, everyone claims to understand the poetry; the reader develops their own perception and interprets things in his own way. People find relief in romance, love but to his father poetry was the spirit of fire, like the way his father became immortal with his poetry.

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Childhood

He was a mystical child, far away from the routine life, often he bunked the school, and to be found sleeping under a tree or lying in the temple, both solitude and creativity never left him. Later his inclination towards Ramyan was reflected in his works, the landscape of rural India can be mesmerised, while reading his love ballads.

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Award

He grew to become the youngest recipient of the highest Literature award of India – the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1967, given by India’s National Academy, for his epic Puran Bhagat, Loona (1965), now thought of a masterpiece in trendy Punjabi literature, and which additionally created a brand new style, of recent Punjabi Kissa (Punjabi tale).

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Chosen by Singers

As we speak, his poetry stands in equal footing, amongst that by stalwarts of contemporary Punjabi poetry, like Mohan Singh (poet) and Amrita Pritam, all of whom are celebrated. Ghazal maestro like Jagjit Singh has sung many of his poems like – Maye ni mate.

Tribute to Shiv Kumar Batalvi is paid by Jagjit Singh in this Song: Chitthi Na Koi Sandesh. Jagjit Shaab revealed this in an interview. Chitthi na koi Sandesh is a song of Dushman Film. Starring Kajol. The bond between Jagjit Singh and Shiv Kumar Batalvi was no secret, Jagjit Singh appreciated the works of Batalvi, and sung many of Batalvi ghazals in his popular albums.

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Love Tragedy

His life got drowned in the love of a girl named Maina, during a local village fair in Baijnath. Often does he mention class system in India, perhaps the class system may be the prominent hindrance in union with love, it is explained that Maina married to someone in the United States.

The news of the first child of Maina inspired, Batalvi to compose – Main Ek shikra yaar banaya, the best-celebrated love ballad; and his sung in the voice of Jagjit Singh.

Shiv Kumar Batalvi BBC Interview England

The England visit In May 1972, was Batalvi’s most busy days of his life, he got to break and relief from boring and the drudgery of his life in Punjab. The fame and popularity were at high in the Punjabi community before his arrival, he was gathering headlines in local vernacular Media of England. Public ceremony kept him busy in England.

He was so popular in England that BBC Television once interviewed him. The England visit affected his health tremendously He would drink late and busy with the party and woke early, having a very short sleep.

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Death

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Died on  6 May 1973

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Death Cause of Shiv Kumar Batalvi Died: Cirrhosis of the liver

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On May 7, 1973, Shiv Kumar Batalvi died at Kir Mangyal, in his father-in-law house at that time he was just 36th year old. It was evident he did not have any desire to live a long life.

06mayAll DayDeath Anniversary of Shiv Kumar BatalviDeath Anniversary of Shiv Kumar Batalvi


Shiv Kumar Batalvi Auditorium in Batala Jalandhar.

After in ordinary delays the much-awaited World-class Auditorium in Batala Jalandhar, is inaugurated. A political mileage may be the reasons for such delay.  Batalvi, penned down much Punjabi literature, an eminent poet in Punjab, the state pays its tribute to the Nobel soul. The construction of the said auditorium begun in 1980.

Lack of fund was the main reason for the delay, after 3 years, on the occasion of 75th birth anniversary of Shiv Kumar Batalvi, the Shiv Kumar Batalvi Auditorium in Batala Jalandhar was inaugurated. The auditorium is believed to leave an incredible footprint on the psyche of all literature-loving people and will inspire generations to come.

Amount Spent on Building: 183 Lakhs
Renovation of Building: 51 Lakhs
The rear of the auditorium: 23 Lakhs
Sitting Arrangement: 6 Lakhs
Seats: 45 Lakhs
Water and Hygine: 15 Lakhs


Shiv Kumar Batalvi Poems

  1. Maye Ni Maiye – Shiv Kumar Batalvi Songs – English Translation
  2. Ik Kudi Jihada Naam Muhabbat Ghum Hai
  3. Kudi Zidan a Mohabbat
  4. Mainu Vida Karo, Alvida
  5. Lajwanti, Aarti
  6. Dana da Paraga etc.

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