Short Composition on the Rainy Season in India. Best 400 words ICSE CBSE
Rainy Season

Short Composition on the Rainy Season in India. Best 400 words ICSE CBSE

Short Composition on the Rainy Season in India

Problem: Write a short composition/Brief Composition on, “The Rainy Season in India“.

Short Composition on the Rainy Season

Answer: There are 6 (six) seasons in India. The rainy season (monsoon season) is one of the six seasons of India. In Hindi calendar, Sawan and Asad are the months of the rainy season. The south wind blows monsoon over the Bay of Bengal, it blows over India. Monsoon brings much required heavy rainfall in India. During heat, the scorching sun dries the river, lake and sea-water. The monsoon clouds come as a relief and are cooled, condensed clouds which bring down heavy rains.

The monsoon season, overpower the sun, the sky overcast by cloud. During this time the sun remains behind clouds for many days. Dripping, pouring and it drizzles; a torrent of rains overflows fields and rivers in India.

As India is prominently an agricultural nation, the rainy season is required for its food security. The rainwater drains the whole country, the rivers erode their banks bringing alluvial and fertility to the field. Varieties of marine foods are available in the rainy season.

In rural areas, villagers use a boat to go from one place to another by boat. Boats are used by many people to carry goods. Many inconveniences are caused by the rainy season to the people. Unstoppable rains continue for weeks, causing a great problem to poor people. Winds and storms are the order of the day, Strong storms crumble down the houses and drown boats. Footpaths get submerged underwater, loitering of muds, slits and waterlogging stagnant.

In the villages, Floods cause the whole field submerged underwater. Many villages appear like islands, in rainy season as they remain surrounded by water from all sides. Movement of people gets restricted. Under the earth, reptiles surface on the ground during the rainy season. People get locked down and had to remain indoors. Daily wage earners suffer a lot as they can not go to their work. Viral fever, Flu, pneumonia, dysentery are the common diseases of this season.

The turmoils and sufferings of the people in city areas are also great. Rain comes all of a sudden. Immense rainfall causes floods, crops get damaged. Ready crops get damaged due to flood. Cholera, dengue and many water-borne diseases break out in an epidemic form after the flood. Rain is required for development in agriculture but excessive rain brings disaster for our people. So we can say that the rainy season is both a blessing and a curse for our economy as well as for our country.


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